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Rules That Must Be Followed During PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly belongs to precision processing. Incorrect operation will cause cracking, fracture, open circuit and [...]

​How To Do Anti-Static Measures In PCB Assembly?

Grande, specialized in providing All-In-One PCBA electronic manufacturing services (EMS), including upstream electronic components procurement [...]

Points of Brushing PCBA Potting Material (2)

The precautions for applying PCBA potting material 1. If the potting material exceeds the shelf [...]

Where PCBA Electronic Product Assembly Can be done?

PCBA electronic product Assembly is an electronic product manufacturers that need a capable PCBA factory [...]

How To Avoid PCB Warpage In SMT Assembly?

With the miniaturization of electronic equipment, the use of thin PCB printed circuit boards and [...]

Methods Commonly Used To Identify Fake Components In PCBA

It is well known that equipment, technology, and craftsmanship in PCBA all affect the boards [...]

Are Gerber Files Important For PCB Assembly?

We need Gerber files and BOM list for PCB Assembly. It is helpful in PCB [...]

What is The General Tolerance In Multilayer PCB Design?

How to Solve The Tolerance Problem in Multilayer PCB Design? No doubt, multilayer PCB is [...]

Which Inspections Need To Be Done Before SMT Assembly?

SMT Component Inspection The main inspection items of components include: Solderability, pin coplanarity and usability, [...]

The Influence of SMT Lead-Free Process On PCBA rework

The introduction of SMT lead-free Technique has always been a challenge for PCB Assembly for [...]