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Which Files Are Required In PCBA Production?

Many friends may do not know which files are required for PCBA production so that it leads to [...]

How Can We Judge If SMT Assembly Prototype is Qualified Or Not?

After electronic product manufacturers hand over the SMT Prototype Project to PCBA manufacturers, which does not mean that they have nothing to [...]

What Are The Acceptance Standards For PCBA?

1)SilkScreenReverse The polarity point (white silk screen) on the component is consistent with the screen [...]

Causes & Solutions Of Insufficient BGA Solder Joints In PCBA

What is insufficient BGA solder joints in PCBA? When it comes to PCBA BGA rework, underfilled [...]

PCB Design & Layout Skills

The following items need to be considered when conveying the Schematic to PCB layout. All the examples mentioned [...]

The Influence Of Board Thickness & Copper Thickness On PCB Design

The board thickness and copper thickness are mainly considered for the production of circuit boards. The standard [...]

The Influence Of Gold On Solder Joints In SMT Assembly

In SMT Assembly, gold has become one of the most commonly used surface coating metals due to [...]

Cause Analysis of Welding Defects In PCB Assembly

1.The weldability of the plate hole affects the welding quality The poor solderability of the [...]

The Purpose of AOI Equipment In SMT Assembly

Automated Optical Inspection( AOI ) is a method that uses optics to capture PCB images to see whether [...]

What is PCB Prototype?

What is PCB prototype? PCB prototype refers to the trial production of circuit board before mass [...]