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Common Inspection Methods Of SMT Assembly

Soldering quality inspection is an important part of SMT Assembly, the quality of the soldering [...]

PCBA Lecture Hall: How To Quickly Desolder The Wide-Body Components?

The difference between PCBA processing maintenance and soldering:the key to removing components from the circuit [...]

What Is The Meaning Of “Plugged Vias” In PCB Manufacturing Process?

There are three common methods to deal with via holes in PCB boards:Tenting vias,Plugged vias [...]

PCB Board Heating Serious Reason

In integrated circuits, excessive temperature can negatively affect the function, components and the board itself. [...]

The Processing Flow Of SMT Materials

There are many models of SMT processing, such as Complete Outsourcing and Processing On Order. [...]

What Is The Role Of AOI And SPI In SMT Processing?

SMT (Surface Mount Technology), is the most popular technology and process in the electronics assembly [...]

PCBA Prototype Processing, The Common Production Process Introduction

PCBA Prototype processing, the common production process introduction 1. Rework. The role of rework is [...]

Solutions For White Circles When PCB Design Wires And Pads

Will you encounter this situation when doing PCB design? The trace and the pad with [...]

SMT Patch BOM List Organization Notes

BOM is the abbreviation “Bill of Material”. It is mean a product processing needs to [...]

Solutions To Impedance Discontinuity Problems In PCB Design

We all know that the impedance need be continuous in PCB design. But there are [...]