PCBA Prototype Processing, The Common Production Process Introduction

PCBA Prototype processing, the common production process introduction

1. Rework.
The role of rework is to detect the failure of the PCBA board for rework.

2. Mounting.
The role of mounting is to accurately install the surface assembly components to the fixed position of the circuit board.

3. Testing.
The role of testing is the role of the assembled circuit board board SMT soldering quality and assembly quality testing.

4. Curing.
The role of curing is to melt the SMD adhesive, so that the surface assembly components and circuit board board board firmly bonded together.

5. Cleaning.
The role of cleaning is to assemble the circuit board above the harmful welding residues such as flux removed.

6. Solder paste printing.
The use of solder paste printing machine will be printed on the circuit board, to the electronic components of SMT soldering preparation.

7. Re-flow soldering.
Re-flow soldering role is to melt the solder paste, so that the surface assembly components and circuit boards firmly bonded together.

8. Dispensing.
Dispensing is the red glue drops to the fixed position of the circuit board, its main role is to fix the components to the PCB board. This is a non-essential process, mainly for the board with heavy devices, the use of red glue process can increase the adhesion.