PCB Board Temperature Resistance Test Method

In order to ensure the quality of the PCB board, it is necessary to carry out a temperature resistance test. Usually, the PCB board is able to withstand a maximum temperature of 300 degrees for 5-10 seconds; And the temperature for lead-free wave soldering is about 260 degrees, while the temperature for lead-free soldering is about 240 degrees.



PCB Board Temperature Resistance Test Method

1. Prepare circuit board and tin furnace.

Sampling 10*10cm substrate (or laminated board/ finished board) , 5pcs (copper-containing substrate without foaming and delamination);
Substrate: 10cycle or more;
Lamination plate: LOWCTE15010cycle or more;
HTg material: 10cycle or more;
Normal material: 5cycle or more;
Finished board: LOWCTE150 – 5cycle or more; HTg material 5cycle or more; Normal material 3cycle or more.

2. Set the temperature of the tin furnace to 288±5 degrees, and use the contact thermometer to measure and calibrate.

3. First dip the flux with a soft brush and apply it to the surface of the board; Then use the crucible tongs to pick up the test board and immerse it in the tin furnace, and take it out after 10 seconds.

4. If there is a problem of blistering and bursting the board visually, stop tin immersion and analyze the initiation point f/m immediately; If there is no problem, continue to cycle until the board bursts, with 20 times as the end point.

5. Slice analysis should be done at the blistering place to understand the source of the detonation point and take pictures.

In short, for the temperature resistance of PCB circuit boards of different materials, it is necessary to understand in detail, and ensure which is not exceed the maximum limit temperature, so as to avoid the problem of scrapping of PCB circuit boards.



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