Experienced BGA Rework & Reballing

Small BGAs (down to 0.25mm pitch) are huge complex for assembly, which require high-level engineering control. Sometimes the pass rate can not reach up to 100% and BGA mostly looks expensive. So we fully understand BGA rework & reballing demand in the market and invest X-Ray and rework station. Our skillful engineers can handle the repair job smoothly.

  • Installation and Removal of BGA, CGA, LGA, QFN, PoP and other complex packages.
  • BGA reballing Service.
  • Circuit modification of traces under the BGA component.
  • Adding test point pull outs from under the BGA to the outer edges for testing purposes.
  • Repair of BGA pads including pads with blind or buried via’s.
  • Solder mask repair.

Today’s circuit boards are more complex than ever and the need for circuit board repair and rework is a given. BGA rework is one of the most difficult procedures at assembly facilities. Doing it right depends on the skills and knowledge of the rework technician, along with having the right equipment.Component package types routinely reworked include:PBGA (Plastic Ball Grid Array), TBGA (Tape Ball Grid Array), uBGA (Micro BGA), CCGA (Ceramic Column Grid Array), CBGA (Ceramic Ball Grid Array), CPGA (Ceramic Pin Grid Array), LGA (Land Grid Array), QFN (Quad Flat No Leads), PoP (Package on Package), Multiple package stacks, Interposer Boards, Test Probes and other BGA probes.