Fast & Safe PCB Design Services 

Grande design team are sophisticated with printed circuit board design and layout services for 20+ years in terms of medical devices, musical instruments, RF converter, smart consumer products, system controllers for solar power, temperature & humidity monitor, IOT units etc.

Advantages of PCB Design Services 

  • Rich experiences and successful cases
  • In-house design and prototype manufacturing
  • Competitive cost optimization
  • Exclusive project manager following up
  • Short development cycle

Grande can transfer your excellent concept into product quickly as long as you send us requirements (such as functions, shape, drawings etc.). We can complete PCB design and make prototype accordingly. Design job includes schematics, layout, components selection, circuit simulation and software etc. In order to shorten your timeline, we comply with strict standards to handle PCB design phases, such as from requirement draft, alpha & beta review to volume production. In this case, your PCB design tasks go smoothly under our project management team.


Capabilities of PCB Design Services 

  • Multilayers, flexible and complex engineering like HDI, impedance control, blind & buried vias.
  • EMI/EMC protection
  • High-speed signal design
  • Sensitive analog circuits
  • Design for manufacturability and testability
  • Compatible with popular design software including Altium Designer, Cadence OrCAD/Allegro, Legacy PCAD, Eagle (Altium Conversion)
  • Scientific design workflows including schematic capture, PCB stack-up design, reverse engineering, cost optimization, signal integrity

PCB Design Workflow 

We will follow up scientific workflow of PCB design for global customers.


Quote of PCB Design Services 

Basically, custom PCB design is related with many factors impacting the cost. After a kickstart and evaluation of circuit board functions, our sales engineer will work with you to make and confirm quote including design, prototype and maintenance during life cycle. Customer just need to write a document of concept, function descriptions, testing and other technical requirements, then send the document to us to get an instant quote.

Our project manager follows up the whole design process, which enables you know every single detail of PCB design (if necessary). Meanwhile, we will build an online document. Through interactive editing and confirmation, design job will be expedited than you imagine. Let’s work together to fulfill your market goal by our fast & safe PCB design services.