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Grande strives to continuously exceed incremental clients’ expectations by offering contract electronic manufacturing services in highest quality through positive attitude of cooperation, workflow innovation and enhancing improvements. We are your reliable partner of choice for Printed Circuit Board Fabrication & Assembly, Quick PCBA Prototype, Box Building, BGA Reballing/Rework and Other Quick-Turn or Volume Manufacturing Services, by our dedication to our clients with delivery of high quality of products.

Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) is a term used for companies that test, manufacture, distribute, and provide return/repair services for electronic components and assemblies for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The concept is also referred to as electronics contract manufacturing (ECM).

Features of Our Electronics Manufacturing Services

  • Sophisticated with EMS industries and experienced in medical, system controller, IOT, communication, robotics, solar power
  • Only focus on clients with high level requirements of quality and services
  • Achieved ISO9001:2015, ISO13485, IATF16949, SGS, ROHS certificates
  • Equipped with advanced factory facilities
  • 52%+ revenue from international customers
  • Quick response

pcbaIn order to offer best electronic manufacturing services, Grande also invested advanced facilities of PCB Assembly and Box Build to enable your order in quick turnover. With all engineers knowhow, pratical experience and an outside perspective, we can control manufacturing process and quality assurance and help you solve EMS problem fast, cost effectively and without hassle. Managing the cross-functional process of PCB manufacturing and design with regulatory reliability, quality management and delivery services, our electronic manufacturing services can operate up to 40 layers of board by our advanced equipment and experienced engineers with capabilities of monthly 35,000 square meters PCB Design and Electronics Manufacturing to comply with your needs.

Quality Model of Our Global Electronics Manufacturing Services

FAQs of Electronics Manufacturing Services

What files should be sent to get a contract electronic manufacturing quote?

PCB gerber, bill of materials (BOM), testing requirements, enclosure drawings, work instruction of box build and other optional documents such as schematic, quality warranty etc.

How long can get the first product sample generally?

Lead time is determined by molding (basically 30~45 days), PCBA (15 days simultaneously) and final box build. In general, it takes about 1.5 ~ 2 months to see the first product sample.

Can I get refund if the electronic manufacturing product is not satisfied?

Electronic manufacturing product is customized and can not be sold to other clients, so both parties should be careful to confirm all details and then head for prototype order. Once order is placed, the paid money can not be refunded.