Cost-Effective PCBA Prototype

Our PCBA Prototype Service allows you to verify & upgrade design with quick-turn of 3~7 days and low cost. The circuit boards will go through same manufacturing process and quality control. Customer can get a professional DFM report with board improvement proposals.

Features of Our PCBA Prototype 

  • No MOQ
  • 3~7 days quick turn
  • Low cost
  • Components 100% sourced according to BOM’s part number
  • 100% test before shipment
  • DFM report
  • Safe packing for international logistics

Cost Calculation of PCBA Prototype

PCBA PROTOTYPE QUOTE = PCB COST + BOM COMPONENTS COST + ASSEMBLY FEE + ENGINEERING COST; Basically, assembly fee is approx. $50 ~100 USD. Engineering cost is determined by PCBA complexity, generally $150~250 USD. You just need to send PCB Gerber and BOM (Bill of Materials) to us for more accurate quote of PCBA prototype.

Our PCBA Prototype Capabilities

  • SMD component smallest to 01005, 0201
  • BGA down to 0.25mm pitch, QFN
  • PCB trace & spacing down to 3mil/3mil
  • Top/Bottom side SMD & through hole soldering
  • Custom tray & laser stencil for assembly
  • No-clean solder paste
  • ICT & FCT test supported