24 Hours Quick Trun PCB Prototype

Grande fully understands your quick design-to-market need and offers PCB Prototype Service, ready in 24 hours for common PCBs and less than 3 days for complex boards. Advanced factory facilities allow us to deal with 1,000+ prototype orders daily and would not sacrifice quality.

PCB Prototype For Standard Boards

Layer(s) Laminate Copper Surface Thickness Cost Lead Time
Single FR-4 1oz, 2oz HASL, ENIG 0.4~2.0 mm $1.5/piece 1 day
Double FR-4 1oz, 2oz HASL, ENIG 0.4~2.0 mm $2/piece 1 day
4 FR-4 1oz, 2oz HASL, ENIG 0.4~2.0 mm $10/piece 4~5 days
6 FR-4 1oz, 2oz HASL, ENIG 0.4~2.0 mm $25/piece 6~7 days
For very urgent order, additional engineering cost $30 would be charged.


PCB Prototype For Custom & Complex Boards

Your complex PCB design would be widely supported here by our custom boards prototype team. We will do DFM checks for FREE and generally custom & complex boards prototype cost will be under $100 USD. You can also get a report of design improvements.

Aluminum PCB HDI High Tg
FPC Impedence control Golden Finger
Rigid-Flex Buried/blind vias Standard > Class 2
Trace & Spacing < 3 mil Resin filled via Quantity No MOQ

PCB Prototype 

Our PCB prototype service is widely integrated into industries such as auto, communication, robotics, IOT, system control, solar power, electricity, consumer products, instrument & devices etc. We got certificates UL, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2004, IATF16949 and RoHS.

FAQs of PCB Prototype

When can I cancel order and get refund?

As long as PCB prototype order has not been passed to production line, you can cancel order and get refund.

Should I need design PCB panel and then pass gerbers for production?

No, you don’t need to do this. We will help you if necessary.

Can you help arrange international logistics of the PCB prototype?

Yes, we will arrange shipment by UPS, FedEx, DHL etc. and shipping cost would not be high.