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How To Identify PCB Surface Finish By Color?

The surface finish of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) usually has three colors: Gold, Silver, [...]

How To Distinguish The Quality of PCB From Appearance?

With the rapid development of high-tech industries such as mobile phones, electronics devices, communication industries, [...]

What’s The Relationship Between PCB Quality & PCB Color?

Many newcomers who are just entering the industry have doubts about PCB Color, and do [...]

The OSP Surface Treatment Circuit Board

What is OSP?  OSP (Organic Solderability Preservative), which is a coating of organic copper trioxide (complex compound) grown on [...]

Why do Pads lost and Pads deformation occur in PADS ( PCB Design Software) ?

At present, most high-speed PCBs are designed via Cadence, PADS software and Altium Designer (AD). However, Companies [...]

PCB Prototype Commonly Used Board Material

Grande Electronics is a circuit board manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of printed circuit boards, [...]

What Should We Prepare Before PCB Prototype?

Grande is a PCB manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in PCB & PCBA manufacturing whom specializes in PCB prototype of impedance [...]

The Influence Of Board Thickness & Copper Thickness On PCB Design

The board thickness and copper thickness are mainly considered for the production of circuit boards. The standard [...]

What is PCB Prototype?

What is PCB prototype? PCB prototype refers to the trial production of circuit board before mass [...]

Common Types of Flexible Circuit Board ( FPC )

At present, FPC basically includes four types: Single-sided FPC, Double-sided FPC, Multilayer FPC and Rigid-flex FPC;   Single-sided [...]