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What Is The Meaning Of “Plugged Vias” In PCB Manufacturing Process?

There are three common methods to deal with via holes in PCB boards:Tenting vias,Plugged vias [...]

PCB Board Heating Serious Reason

In integrated circuits, excessive temperature can negatively affect the function, components and the board itself. [...]

SMT Processing Requirements For PCB Design Component Layout

SMT processing for PCB design component layout is a requirement. Reasonable layout planning in the [...]

PCB Design Lecture: The Meaning And Function Of PCB Layers

PCB is a multi-layer structure, different layers have different purposes.Let’s Grande to introduce the meaning [...]

Solutions For White Circles When PCB Design Wires And Pads

Will you encounter this situation when doing PCB design? The trace and the pad with [...]

The Method For PCB Design That Can Withstand 100A Current

The usual PCB design current will not exceed 10A, or even 5A. Especially in household [...]

Mark Point Design Specification In PCB Design

Mark points, also called datum points, provide a common position-able circuit pattern for all steps [...]

What Is The Mean Of Opening In PCB Design?

Before introducing the PCB design opening, we first need to know what the solder mask [...]

What Are The Production Difficulties Of Multi-Layer PCB Proofing, Do You Know?

Multi-layer PCB board in communications, medical, industrial control, security, automotive, electric power, aviation, military, computer [...]

Six-Layer PCB Design Laminated Solution For EMC Compliance

PCB board lamination structure is an important factor affecting its EMC performance and an important [...]