The Processing Flow Of SMT Materials

There are many models of SMT processing, such as Complete Outsourcing and Processing On Order. Different processing models have different processes, and the corresponding documents that customers need to prepare are also different. The biggest difference between Complete Outsourcing and Processing On Order is that Processing On Order requires customers to prepare their own materials, while Complete Outsourcing can give the board, component procurement and other links to the PCBA processing factory to do. Quality is always the most important measurement indicator for all electronic processing factories, and so is the Processing On Order.

The Processing Flow Of SMT Materials
1. The two parties conduct detailed negotiation on the SMT processing project, and sign a cooperation contract after confirmation.
2. Customers need to provide PCB files, Bom list and component materials. The PCB file and Bom list are used to confirm whether the component placement direction and materials are accurate.
3. Incoming material inspection and processing. The material is tested by IQC to ensure the production quality. For some components, material processing is required, such as material cutting feet, component molding and so on.
4.On-line production. The first sample will be proofed before going online, and mass production will be carried out after both parties confirm that it is correct. During the process, stencil making, solder paste printing, component placement, reflow process and red glue process will be carried out.
5. Finished product inspection. The products are handed over to the quality department for sampling inspection, and the products are packaged and shipped out after the power is qualified.