PCBA Processing Static Electrostatic Protection Measures And Precautions

In the PCBA processing, electrostatic protection is crucial, in the PCBA processing production, do a good job of electrostatic protection, can effectively protect the electronic components, to protect the quality of the SMT, then the PCBA processing production how to do a good job of electrostatic protection measures, in electrostatic protection in what considerations?

1.Why PCBA processing need do the static electricity protection?
PCBA board has precision electronic components, many components are more sensitive to voltage. Higher than the rated voltage shock will damage these components.

The PCBA board damaged by static electricity in the functional testing is difficult to gradually check, more deadly is that some PCBA board in the test when the function is normal, but the finished product to customers to use, but the occasional bad, to bring great potential problems after the sale. Therefore, in the PCBA process, we must pay great attention to ESD electrostatic protection.

2. PCBA processing how to do a good job electrostatic protective measures
(1) operators must wear good electrostatic work clothes, prohibit the attachment or wear any metal products on the work clothes, not allowed to operate electrostatic sensitive products in the scene to take off the work clothes, work clothes buttons shall be fully buttoned, try not to make it in the state of undress.
(2) wear anti-static wrist, wrist strap and good contact with the skin and reliable grounding. Static safety workbench does not allow the stacking of plastic boxes, rubber, cardboard and glass and other miscellaneous items that can easily generate static electricity.
(3) all components of the operation must be carried out on the electrostatic safety workbench. All components entering the anti-static work area must be treated according to the anti-static requirements.
(4) The electrostatic sensitive components dropped on the floor during the operation must all be tested and reconfirmed before use. Items that cannot be directly tested must be confirmed as qualified before release.
(5) hand holding sensitive components, should avoid contact with its leads and lug. Hold the motherboard should try to avoid electrostatic sensitive components area. Certain components to be cleaned, should use anti-static brush, do not use plastic brushes.
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