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How To EliminateThe Uneven Issue of FPC Assembly?

The biggest difference between Flex PCB (FPC) and ordinary FR4 Rigid PCB that lies in [...]

Steps & Methods of PCBA Debugging

After PCB Assembly is completed, the circuit board needs to be debugged to verify whether [...]

FPC Introduction

What is FPC? FPC is a flexible printed circuit board, which is made of flexible substrate [...]

How Can We Find the Failure Point?

To better explain failure point, Grande will share a case in which (WLCSP) is encapsulated [...]

Eight Things Need to Consider Before PCBA Mass Production

1) Consider the design scale before choosing components Which is more important for board size? [...]

How To Replace SMD Components For SMT Assembly Board?

It is well known that SMD component is one of the materials that have more contact in SMT Repair. That’s to [...]

Matters Need Attention In PCBA Wave Soldering

What is wave soldering? In PCB Assembly, wave soldering is to make the soldering surface of the [...]

Analysis of Solder Beads Defects In SMT Assembly

SMT Assembly Solder Beads Defect Explanation SMT Assembly solder beads defects not only affect the appearance but also [...]

Brief Introduction of PCBA Manufacturing Process

There are various stages in PCBA manufacturing process, including printing solder paste on the circuit board, component placement, [...]

How should we inspect incoming materials in PCBA?

1.PCB size and appearance inspection PCB size inspection mainly includes the diameter of the processing [...]