Points of Brushing PCBA Potting Material (2)

The precautions for applying PCBA potting material

1. If the potting material exceeds the shelf life, it is prohibited to use.

2. The storage container should be kept tightly closed after opening.

3. It is forbidden to pour the remaining potting material back into the original storage container, and keep it separately and tightly closed.

4. If the workshop or storage room is not opened for a long time (more than 12 hours), it should be ventilated for 15 minutes before entering.

5. If accidentally splashed into the eyes, immediately open the upper and lower eyelids, rinse with running water or normal saline, and then seek medical treatment.

6. If you feel unwell when brushing, you should quickly leave the job site to fresh air, give oxygen if you have difficulty breathing, and then seek medical treatment.


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The components cannot brush potting material

1. High power with cooling surface or radiator components, power resistors, power diodes, cement resistors.

2. DIP switch, adjustable resistance, buzzer, battery holder, fuse holder (tube), IC holder, tact switch.

3. All types of sockets, pin headers, terminals and DB heads.

4, plug-in or stick-type light-emitting diodes, digital tubes.

5. Other parts and components specified by the drawings that cannot use insulating potting material.

6. The screw holes of the PCBA board cannot brush potting material.\


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The areas should not brushing & brushing potting material

1. Areas that cannot brush:

① Areas that require electrical connection, such as gold pads, gold fingers, metal through holes, test holes;
②Battery and battery holder;
④Fuse and shell;
⑤Cooling device;
⑦The lens of the optical device;
⑩There is no sealed switch;
⑪Other areas where the coating will affect performance or operation.

2. Areas that mustbrush:

All solder joints, pins, component conductors.

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