Are Gerber Files Important For PCB Assembly?

We need Gerber files and BOM list for PCB Assembly. It is helpful in PCB Fabrication and SMT Assembly.These files are generated for each layer in the stack-up. In addition to layer information, these files contain additional data. All layers are specifically mentioned, such as top, bottom, top/bottom of solder resistance layer, top/bottom of assembly, top/bottom of silkscreen, wafer layer, etc.





From the perspective of personal consumer goods and military aerospace grade PCBA, whether the PCB layout is simple or complex, the final design stage is the final node, with complete Gerber file output, which is input by the PCBA manufacturer during the production process. Gerber file can be defined as PCB structure diagram in digital format, which is an important document in PCB manufacturing and SMT Assembly. Incorrect or incomplete Gerber files can cause the PCB to fail or perform poorly. Because of the many details of Gerber document design, errors or other problems can occur if the review is not rigorous during production. The main factors are as follows:


1. The Gerber file is lost or incomplete

2. Missing circle list

Having a detailed aperture list with all layer specifications and the same format as the Gerber file reduces the chance of errors and failures.

3. Zero-byte Gerber PCB file

4. The Gerber file labels are incomplete or misleading

5. Insufficient internal clearance

6. Mistakes in making composite layers

Some design software uses layer composition when creating design specifications for each layer. By this way, we can reduce the problem of Gerber files to prevent quality anomalies in PCB Assembly. So, in a nut shell, Gerber files are quite important for PCBA.




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