Where PCBA Electronic Product Assembly Can be done?

PCBA electronic product Assembly is an electronic product manufacturers that need a capable PCBA factory to help it complete the production of its products because they do not have the PCBA  capability or insufficient. It is a kind of PCBA outsourcing processing. Grande is a professional PCBA OEM manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in pcba electronic product processing. Its services cover PCB Layout, Component Procurement,PCB Prototype, PCBA Manufacuring, Function Test ( such as ICT or FCT), finished product assembly (Box Build), etc.

PCBA Electronic Product Assembly Flow

1. Customer data file
Customers deliver Gerber files, coordinate diagrams(X-Y File), BOM lists, PCBA test plan and other considerations generated by electronic product design to us.

2. Document review
Convert the content in the data file into internal production standard files, such as engineering files, complete sets of orders, etc. The important thing is to find out the important issues timely such as the direction of components, PCB process technology, and delivery of raw materials that have not been clearly mentioned by the customer, and communicate with the customer in advance to prevent production and delivery from being affected.

3. Technical preparation
According to the customer’s PCBA precision, complexity and quality requirements, the PCBA team studies the production plan, laser stencil opening requirements, QA inspection standards, and a series of specific contents such as matching the corresponding carriers and fixtures, in order to achieve the pass rate of PCBA electronic products Assembly.



4. Material procurement and arrival
Based on the customer’s BOM list, calculate the number of spare components and losses, and purchase the corresponding components from the original manufacturer or large reliable dealers.

5. Material inspection and machine assembly
The components will be strictly subjected to IQC (Incoming Material Inspection), and sampling tests will be carried out for the appearance of silk screen printing, electrical performance, and mechanical performance to ensure the quality of PCBA production.

6. Start production
Submit the arrived PCB circuit boards and components to the SMT and DIP production lines for mounting and soldering production, strictly implement the production process method formulated by the PE engineer, and pass the post-furnace intermediate inspection (IPQC) and OQA factory inspection to ensure that the board is up to the Assembly standard.

7. Testing and Delivery
In the light of the PCBA test plan provided by the customer, carry out strict PCBA test, test the circuit continuity, current/voltage value, signal noise, temperature and humidity, etc., If necessary, help the customer to program board and do function test and follow-up Burn In Test to ensure that the Assembly quality requirements of customers’ PCBA electronic products are met and delivered.



Cycle and price of PCBA electronic product Assembly

PCBA electronic products will prototype and verify before mass production. The procedure of prototype is the same as that of mass production, but due to the quantity is very small, between 5-10 pcs, the price of prototype is generally more expensive than mass production. Of course, it is up to the manufacturer to decide whether to close or not. Several PCBA prototype depends on the complexity of the PCB board, the number of solder joints and materials to calculate the price. The price of PCBA electronic product Assembly is calculated by pads Qty, and the price of each single PCB board is different. The PCBA electronic product prototype cycle is generally about 5 days, and the production and processing cycle is generally about 20 days.


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