Rules That Must Be Followed During PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly belongs to precision processing. Incorrect operation will cause cracking, fracture, open circuit and bending fracture of components and connectors, which will eventually lead to the damage of components and PCBA. To avoid these situations, the following rules must be followed during PCB Assembly:


1. Keep the work environment clean
The working environment consists of two parts, one is the workshop area and the other is the workbench, which must be clean and tidy, without any food, beverages and other items, nor can ashtrays, cigarettes and other items be placed, and smoking is prohibited.

2. Reduce PCB Assembly steps
The assembly steps of PCB are not that complicated. Instead, PCBA manufacturers emphasize that less is better. It is best to minimize PCBA steps to reduce risk. At the same time, when operating, you must cooperate with gloves, do not disturb, and use it directly, which can easily hurt your hands and cause injury. In addition, gloves should be changed frequently so as not to interfere with operation.

3. Do not operate with bare hands
Grease in the hand can reduce the solderability of components. Therefore, direct manipulation with bare hands or fingers is not allowed, thereby reducing solderability.

4. Do not use hand creams or silicon-based cleansers
Both of these conditions result in reduced solderability and non-adherence of the coating, so do not use, this is a basic guideline for shop operations and should be followed by any employee.

5. PCBA cannot be superimposed
During the operation, some novices may stack the PCBA boards together because of unskilled operation, which can easily damage the PCBA boards, so it is strictly forbidden to use them. The correct way is to put it in a specially configured dedicated bay.

6. The type of sensitive components should choose the appropriate mark
In PCBA components, there are some sensitive components, such as EOS/ESD and so on. These components are very sensitive and appropriate markings must be selected. In addition, static electricity should be controlled during operation.

The above six points are the rules that must be followed in the PCB Assembly process. They may seem like a hassle, but in reality, they are an essential requirement to ensure a smooth PCB Assembly workflow.


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