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Common Circuit Design Reference & Precautions In PCB Design

1. Common Design Reference of Keying Circuit     1)The R1 pull-up resistor clamps the [...]

Why SMT Assembly Cost May Rise? The 5 Most Frequently Missing Data in PCBA Inquiry

Why SMT Assembly Cost May Rise? Since the phenomenon of “lack of chips” still exists [...]

Why Does PCBA Factory Assemble PCB As Panel Way?

In the PCBA factory, the production of the circuit board will perform a panel operation, [...]

Differential Lines Routing Requirements & Operation Skills In PCB Design

The popularity of high-speed serial buses has made more and more differential signals on the [...]

The Difference & Connection of Solder Paste, Tin Paste & Flux In SMT Assembly

In the process of SMT Assembly, we will often come into contact with three kinds [...]

How To Distinguish SMD Resistors, SMD Capacitors & SMD Inductors In SMT Assembly?

SMD Resistors & Capacitors & SMD Inductors are widely used in consumer electronics, small equipment [...]

Manual Mounting IC Precautions In PCBA Prototype

In PCB Assembly, some customers only need require and place sample orders, such as only [...]

The Correct Method of PCBA Board Cleaning

After the PCB Assembly, we often see many residues on the surface of the PCBA. [...]

What’s The Maximum Temperature Resistance of PCB?

In order to ensure the quality of the finished product of the PCB board production [...]

How To Manual Solder SMT Components?

SMT is a form of packaging for semiconductor components. SMT involves various styles of components, [...]