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Common Types of Flexible Circuit Board ( FPC )

At present, FPC basically includes four types: Single-sided FPC, Double-sided FPC, Multilayer FPC and Rigid-flex FPC;   Single-sided [...]

How To Debug The Issue Board?

If the printed circuit board (PCB) works in a harsh environment for a long time, then it [...]

Demystifying The Design Technics of High-End PCB

Plenty of people probably do not know the difference between high-end PCB and common PCB? Because there is not [...]

What Is The Overall Arrangement of SMT Factory?

SMT Factory overall arrangement and location requirements mainly include the following 14 aspects:   1)Fire [...]

Via-In-Pad Processing Principle

Vias-in-pad or vias-on-pad is a very headache for printed circuit board assembly factories, especially when the vias are placed on [...]

How To Choose Components & Substrates For PCBA?

1.The Selection of Components The selection of components should fully consider the needs of the [...]