The Role of AOI in SMT Assembly

Quality inspection in the SMT factory is a key link to ensure quality. Only by strictly implementing the quality inspection procedures can the quality of electronic processing products meet the needs of customers. And AOI occupies a crucial position in the production process of SMT Assembly, and which has made a great contribution to the guarantee of quality.

The Role of AOI in SMT Assembly

AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) , which is based on optical principles to detect common defects encountered in welding production. AOI is a new type of testing technology, but it is developing rapidly, and many manufacturers have launched AOI testing equipment. During automatic detection, the machine automatically scans the PCB through the camera, collects images, and compares the tested solder joints with the qualified parameters in the database. After image processing, the defects on the PCB are checked, and the defects are displayed/marked through the display or automatic sign. Come out for repairs by maintenance personnel. Use high-speed and high-precision visual processing technology to automatically detect various placement errors and soldering defects on the PCB. PCB boards can range from fine-pitch high-density boards to low-density large-size boards, and online inspection solutions can be provided to improve production efficiency and soldering quality. Find and eliminate errors early in the assembly process for good process control by using AOI as a defect reduction tool. Early detection of defects will avoid sending defective boards to subsequent assembly stages, and AOI will reduce repair cost and avoid scrapping non-repairable boards.

Meanwhile, AOI is actually an optical identification system, which has been widely used in today’s electronic manufacturing industry, and gradually replaced the traditional manual visual inspection method. Determine whether the test object meets the standard. In the actual SMT factory, AOI is used to detect whether the processing quality of electronic components on the circuit board and whether the solder paste meets the processing standards, and can find problems in time and solve them in advance.

And it is widely used in pre-furnace and post-furnace inspection. Before the furnace, it can confirm whether the solder paste printing and component placement meet the processing requirements, and correct the defective components in the SMT Assembly in time. After the furnace, AOI is able to detect timely. Some soldering defects in the reflow soldering process should be dealt with in time to avoid flowing into the next processing link. The biggest disadvantage of AOI in SMT Assembly is that some grayscales or shadows are not very obvious, which is more prone to misjudgment. These may be judged by using different colors of light, but the most troublesome that are those components which are hidden by other components and the solder joints under the components, because traditional AOI can only detect the places where the direct light can reach, such as the ribs of the screen frame or the components under the edges, which are often missed due to  AOI could not detect it.


Advantages Grande Circuit Board Assembly

1)Strength Guarantee

▪ SMT factory: With imported SMT machines and multiple optical inspection equipment, which is able to produce 4 million points per day. Each process is equipped with QC personnel who will keep an eye on product quality.

▪ DIP production line: Two wave soldering machines and more than 10 employees who have worked for over three years. That’ s to say, these workers are highly skilled and can weld various SMT & DIP components.

2)Quality Assurance With High Cost Performance

▪ High-end equipment can paste precision special-shaped parts, BGA, QFN, 0201 package. It can also be soldered prototype pcba via SMT machine and placing bulk materials by hand.

▪ Both samples, small and large batches can be produced. And there is no SMT Machine starting cost.

3)Rich Electronic Products SMT Soldering Experience With Stable Delivery

▪ Accumulated services to thousands of electronics companies, involving SMT soldering services for various types of automotive equipment and industrial control motherboards. Furthermore, PCBA Products are often exported to Europe and the United States, and the quality is able to be affirmed by new and regular customers.

4)Strong Maintenance Ability & Reliable After-Sales Service

▪ The maintenance engineers have sophisticated experience so that those defective boards caused by all kinds of smt soldering can be repaired. Meanwhile, ensuring the connectivity rate of each circuit board also make sense.

▪Order problems feedback will get response, solution and solved as soon as possible.


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