The Influence of PCB Quality On PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly is a quite complex process. The entire PCBA process seems to be only one word different from PCB. As a matter of fact, it varies a lot. PCBA has a series of back-end processes based on PCB, such as solder paste printing, SPI inspection, SMT Assembly, reflow soldering, DIP soldering, wave soldering/selective wave soldering, PCBA first article inspection, etc.

However, all the above mentioned processes of PCBA are based on the bare PCB board, so the quality of the PCB determines the quality of the whole PCBA. So what aspects of the PCB have an impact on the PCBA?


1. Dirty PCB Surface
Dirty board surface is mainly caused by high solid content of flux, too large coating amount, too high or too low preheating temperature, too dirty PCB gripper of conveyor belt, too much oxide and tin dross in tin bath, etc.

Solution: Select the appropriate flux; Control the amount of flux coating; Control the preheating temperature; Check the cleaning effect of the automatic cleaning PCB gripper and take measures; Clean the oxide and tin slag on the surface of the tin bath in time.

2. White Residue
The white residue is often referred to as hoarfrost. Although it does not affect the surface insulation resistance, the customer does not accept it.

Solution: First use flux and then use solvent to clean; If it cannot be cleaned, it may be due to the aging of the flux, or it may be exposed to the air to absorb water vapor, or it may be due to the high moisture content in the cleaning agent (solvent), or the The flux does not match the cleaning agent, please ask the supplier to help solve or replace the flux cleaning agent.

3. PCB Deformation
PCB deformation is mainly caused by excessive PCB quality or uneven component layout.

Solution: When designing the PCB, try to make the components evenly distributed. Design a support strip in the middle of the large-size PCB (the design width of the non-layout component area is 2~3mm); Or use a mass balance tool to press the sparse components on the PCB during the soldering process to achieve mass balance.

Grande PCBA Capacity
1. Maximum board: 310mm*410mm(SMT);
2. Maximum board thickness: 3mm;
3. Minimum board thickness: 0.5mm;
4. Minimum Chip components: 0201 package or components above 0.6mm*0.3mm;
5. Maximum weight of mounted components: 150 grams;
6. Maximum component height: 25mm;
7. Maximum component size: 150mm*150mm;
8. Minimum pin spacing: 0.3mm;
9. Minimum spherical component (BGA) spacing: 0.3mm;
10. Minimum spherical component (BGA) ball diameter: 0.3mm;
11. Maximum components placement accuracy (100QFP): 25um@IPC;
12. SMD capacity: 3-4 million points/day.



Advantages Grande Circuit Board Assembly

1)Strength Guarantee

▪ SMT factory: With imported SMT machines and multiple optical inspection equipment, which is able to produce 4 million points per day. Each process is equipped with QC personnel who will keep an eye on product quality.

▪ DIP production line: Two wave soldering machines and more than 10 employees who have worked for over three years. That’ s to say, these workers are highly skilled and can weld various SMT & DIP components.

2)Quality Assurance With High Cost Performance

▪ High-end equipment can paste precision special-shaped parts, BGA, QFN, 0201 package. It can also be soldered prototype pcba via SMT machine and placing bulk materials by hand.

▪ Both samples, small and large batches can be produced. And there is no SMT Machine starting cost.

3)Rich Electronic Products SMT Soldering Experience With Stable Delivery

▪ Accumulated services to thousands of electronics companies, involving SMT soldering services for various types of automotive equipment and industrial control motherboards. Furthermore, PCBA Products are often exported to Europe and the United States, and the quality is able to be affirmed by new and regular customers.

4)Strong Maintenance Ability & Reliable After-Sales Service

▪ The maintenance engineers have sophisticated experience so that those defective boards caused by all kinds of smt soldering can be repaired. Meanwhile, ensuring the connectivity rate of each circuit board also make sense.

▪Order problems feedback will get response, solution and solved as soon as possible.


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