The Importance of Manual Soldering In PCBA Manufacturing

What Are The Advantages of Manual Soldering?
When it comes to small batch PCBA Manufacturing, manual soldering is obviously faster and economical. In addition, small batch operations, especially through-hole components (Dipping Wire) can be used well with manual assembly. Besides, PCBA first article is also benefit from manual soldering.
AutomaticOptical Inspections (X-ray, AOI ) cannot inspect some components well and require manual intervention to verify placement and check for any soldering issues. For surface mount connectors, manual inspection may be quite necessary. Sometimes during the reflow process, we may encounter small components that need to be cleaned manually. The manual process is also effective when you are looking for repair and rework of PCBA.
Therefore, these two methods have their own advantages. Nothing is perfect. Therefore, although you want to adopt automated SMT Assembly to increase the soldering speeding, consistency, and reduce cost; However, more and more cases require manual intervention. We need to cooperate with a PCBA manufacturer who has the necessary automated SMT assembly equipment and a skilled manual soldering team; If so, we can use the correct method according to our own custom requirements. After all, next-generation equipment with industry best practices and experienced manpower can play an important role in producing high-quality PCBA.

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